Trail Rides

Horseback Trail Riding in Haliburton

Pony Rides

Have little ones too young or nervous for a trail ride?

Come for a Pony Ride!

On our pony rides we walk through a wooded trail. The children (and parents if they wish to walk along) have the chance to see lots of wildlife scurrying amongst the trees.

Trail Rides

Located at the southern tip of Algonquin Park, we are surrounded by the tranquil beauty of wilderness and wildlife. With access to many kilometres of trails, you can be assured of fun, exciting and safe rides, led by our experienced and certified trail guides. Being a family oriented Stable we offer something for everyone along with trails and horses for all levels of riding experience.
We have a 275lb maximum weight restrictions
*Children should be at least 6 years old to go on a trail ride.
For children under 6 we have pony rides

1/2 hr ride( 2.5kms) – $60.00 per rider
1 hr ride(5kms) – $80.00 per rider
2 hr ride(10kms) – $130.00 per rider
3 hr ride(15kms) – $160 per rider
4 hr ride(20kms) – $190 per rider

Half Day Rides
Take our 3 hour trek and ride up to Gut Rapids or a 4 hour ride to Highfalls Lookout. Pack a snack in your saddle bag for a short break to take in the wondrous beauty of Algonquin Park
Booking – we require 24hrs advance booking for this trip
Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to ride time to receive a full refund

Overnight Rides

Sidekick Trip – You arrive at the stable and are taken on horseback through Algonquin Park (Approx.3 hours) to the Eco-Lodge where you stay overnight. Day 2 you enjoy the outdoors and amenities at the lodge. Relaxing and exploring. Day 3 you are met with the horses again who take you back to the stable( Approx.2 hours)

Overnight Trip – Arrive at the stable where you will be taken on horseback to Gut Rapids to explore the natural beauty of Algonquin Park. Ending our ride at the Eco-Lodge where you can relax and enjoy the rustic and cozy atmosphere for the night. In the morning you will be greeted by the horses and your guide who will take you to High Falls where you can have your lunch, lay out on the flat rock next to the water fall or take a swim in the calm pools of water before getting back on your horses and venturing our way back to the stable.

3 Day Ride – Your adventure starts at the stable where you are greeted by your trail guide and horse. We then venture off on a 3 hour tour to the glorious Gut Rapids and then traveling to the Eco Lodge where you can relax and enjoy the the cozy rustic atmosphere. Day 2 you will be met with your horse and guide at the lodge in the morning where you will set off on a 4 hour round trip tour to High Falls to enjoy your lunch by the water fall. Your horse will drop you back off at the lodge where you can continue your outdoor experience at the cosy Lodge for the evening. Day 3 the horses and your guide with be eager to greet you in the morning and take you on your last trek ( Approx. 2 hours) through Algonquin Park to end at the stable where you can say your farewells to your trusty steed and noble trail guide.
Ride times and duration are subject to change due to weather, trail conditions and/or rider ability.
Have your own Horses you would like to bring to enjoy our fabulous trails? Contact us for more details!

Come and Enjoy an Overnight Adventure of Horseback Riding. We have different Packages available to suit all taste.

EcoLodge Package
Come experience the grandeur of Algonquin Park in one of the most exciting and natural ways possible! Explore the forest trails, the meandering creeks, and the countless lakes while on the back of a majestic horse. This is a great trip for both experienced and novice riders, as guidance and instruction will be given (if needed) as we journey through the wilderness.

Cost: (plus HST)
3 Day Ride: $800/person
Sidekick’s Trip: $650/person
Overnight Trip: $500/person

Custom Packages:
Are available, please inquire!