High Falls 4hr Ride

$275.00 (plus HST) per rider

This is an incredible scenic 22 km ride to High Falls. When we arrive at the bottom of the falls we will tie up our horses and then take a 20 min hike up to the top of the Falls. Once you are at the top of the Falls you can enjoy a picnic lunch, lay on the flat rock next to the falls or take a swim in the calm pools of water before getting back on your horse and heading back to the stable.

(Bring your own lunch/drink and we will provide saddle bags for you to carry the items in. Knapsnacks are NOT allowed)

 *Please note riding experience on this ride is very beneficial. See examples below:

– how many riding lessons have your participated in?

– are you competent to walk, trot & canter and do you have an independent seat?

– any competitive experience?

*All Rides are subject to change depending on weather and trail conditions.


Explore South Algonquin – Approx 4hrs

From: $275.00



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