Emerse Yourself into the World of Horses

$100.00 (plus HST) per person

If you are new to the world of horses, we would encourage you to sign up for this educational component as part of your overnight stay.  I am sure you will find it very beneficial to learn how to set yourself up for success! 

  • Discover herd dynamics.
  • How to properly halter and lead a horse.
  • The why’s and how’s of grooming and the importance of grooming before and after each ride.
  • Tacking up and understanding the basics of proper fitting tack.
  • How to encourage good ground manners and to conduct yourself properly for your safety and others around you.
  • How many mounting options are there? Which ones to use and when.
  • Trail etiquette
  • Horse behaviour and body language – how to read it and understand it as it pertains to ground handling and trail riding.
  • How to properly untack a horse and what your horse’s needs are.
  • Responsibilities of caring for stalled horses

You will get hands on experience and be able to ask questions every step of the way.  Just imagine – every hour filled with horses – smelling them, touching them, riding them, caring for them, learning about them and dreaming about them.   


Emerse Yourself into the World of Horses

From: $100.00



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